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We are so glad you called.  Can you please tell us where you got this hotline number from?


Please provide the policy number (personal identification number, Member ID) of the patient (subscriber) or the NPI, Tax Identification Number of the provider.  Your Identification number/ID is located on your Medical Mutual of Ohio identification card or located in the upper right hand portion of your Medical Mutual of Ohio explanation of benefits. 

Medicare Advantage = 7 digit number (NO LETTERS)

All other products = 12 digit number (NO LETTERS)

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If this was related to a claim file, what was the claim number? Please note, claim numbers are 10 or 13 numeric digits. If not related to a claim for benefits, please enter ten (10) 9's.


CIC Note:  If caller doesn't give you a claim or identification number, please explain why not here.
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